Failed Art Day

I planned to work at my art desk all day Friday, but life got in the way. I can’t remember everything I did on Friday other than picked up the house a little bit and did lots of laundry. I took Marley to the dog park where she thought it was funny to drop and roll in dog poop. Of course the park district had turned the water off earlier in the week, so I couldn’t hose her down there. I put her on a towel in my car, rolled the windows down, cranked the heat and tried not to puke all the way home. Giving her a bath by myself was a challenge, but she smells much better now!

I did take some “arty” pictures. We’ve had this vintage typewriter stored in the basement forever. It belonged to someone in Ned’s family. I brought it up to display in my studio and thought I could use it to type words to put in my projects. It needs a new ribbon, so I’ll have to search the internet to find one. I love that this picture shows the dust and cobwebs between the keys!


Here’s another one I took of leaves from my Dieffenbachia plant. It grew like crazy this summer out on the screened porch. I brought it in the house a few weeks ago and it’s almost to the ceiling.


Chandler and I are starting guitar lessons on Wednesday! I’m looking forward to it, but I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ll be out-performed by a six year old!!!!!

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One Response to Failed Art Day

  1. Mom says:

    neat pictures! I remember typing on a typewriter like that!!

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