Art Resolution 2009

The holidays are over and I’m back to a routine this week with work and domestic goddess duties. Along with my yearly resolution of losing 10 pounds and exercising more than just walking Marley every day, I’ve added an entire Art Day to the week. I’ve marked off Fridays on my calendar as Art Day! Also bonus Art Hours every other Wednesday when I don’t have to pick the boys up until 2:30. The Grateful Dead is playing on the stereo in my studio and bonus art hours have begun today!

I got the Quilting Arts TV DVDs for Christmas and was inspired by the 2nd episode. I spent the morning making a background using the following technique: Glue pieces of paper to muslin using 50-50 glue/water mixture. While still wet and using same glue/water mixture, glue down a white piece of tissue paper over the paper. On the DVD they used a craft tissue paper that is heavier and didn’t wrinkle or tear. I just had regular tissue paper, but I like the wrinkled and torn effect. While that’s still wet, use 50-50 paint/water mixture over the tissue paper. I used yellow, blue and red and blended them together in spots. According to the episode, you should be able to sew through all the layers when it’s dry.

It was a lot of fun. The only thing I don’t like about working with glue and paint is the waiting for it to dry. But, it’ll be dry for Art Day on Friday!! In the meantime, I worked on what to put on the background. I fused fabric to felt and made a flower. I like how the felt gives the flower dimension. I picked out a ribbon for the stem and have painted some muslin green for the leaves which will also be fused to felt and I’ll write one of my favorite flower quotes on the leaves. “The Earth laughs in flowers” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. On Friday I’m planning to sew all of this to the background and then the really fun part starts – embellishing!!

My studio/office/guest room is now a mess again with the ironing board up and bins of fabric, paper, and trims on the floor. I love it! I had to leave the bed clear because Marley actually spent the morning sleeping on it. She usually doesn’t come in here unless she wants me to take her out! Maybe she’s finally discovering that it’s the best room in the house especially on Art Day!

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