Mini Flower Quilt

I finished a project!!! I used the background I wrote about in my last post … gluing paper to muslin, tissue paper over that, and then paint. The rest of the piece is fabric. For the flower, stem and leaves I fused fabric to felt to give the piece dimension. I also used felt as the batting. I was so determined to get this done yesterday that I did not realize I hadn’t put the backing fabric on until after I had zigzagged the border … duh! So the border has 3 layers of zigzagging and I like it … isn’t it funny how so often the result of a mistake turns out better than the original plan! The piece is 8″ x 10″. The second picture shows the papers I used before gluing them to the muslin.

flower010909web flowerbase010909web

I’m not sure I’ll use the same technique for the background. I used a small zigzag to sew on the flower components and then handled the piece quite a lot sewing the buttons on. I noticed that the zigzagging actually cut the paper and I had to use a glue stick to adhere the background back down along the stitching line. My next experiment with using paper as a background is to scan the background and print it on fabric. Then I won’t have to worry about the paper cutting when I use a small zigzag.

My back is already sore from shoveling the 3 inches of snow we got yesterday. We got another 4 inches overnight and it’s snowing again. Ned and Andy left last night to visit Arne for the weekend and I’m left to deal with all of his weekend chores … snow removal, walking Marley, laundry … plus my chores of cleaning the house, baking bread, and making Marley’s food for the week. I’m feeling very overwhelmed today. I pray the snow blower starts.

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One Response to Mini Flower Quilt

  1. Mom says:

    I really like your project. I wish that I had some of your artistic talent. I don’t know how you and Tim both have artistic talent and Dad and I have none! Love ya! Mom

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