New Quilt Project

I’ve been busy the last week getting started on the quilt for our guild’s quilt show in May. The theme is Garden Dreams, and I’m making an art quilt that combines flowers from my garden and my Grandma’s garden. I’ve got the backgrounds all done. They’re 6×6 inch squares and I’ll fuse the flowers on and embellish with beads, found objects, and some items of my Grandma’s. I’ll also include a handwritten journal entry about my Grandma’s love of gardening, sewing, cooking, collecting stuff … all things I love to do, too.

I’ve played around with the layout of the squares today and I’m liking this configuration the best. I’ll have Ned’s artistic eye look at it tonight. It’s been an amazing creative week for me. I put these squares together really fast without over-thinking them. I quickly fused them on the felt background so I wouldn’t spend hours analyzing and moved onto the next one!! I think it actually helped that I sketched out a plan before starting (see picture below).


I’ve got pictures and colors selected for the flowers, so the next part should go pretty quickly, too. Then the fun part … embellishing!

Here are a couple of pictures of my studio which is also my office and guest room. I felt like it was in complete chaos while I was working, but I’ve seen it a lot worse than this! The bed is usually piled with stuff, but Marley has decided to lay up there sometimes, so I’ve left a spot for her.

studio1 studio2

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One Response to New Quilt Project

  1. Lana says:

    I love your studio!!!! I can’t wait to sit in it with you in person. It looks very organized and so pleasant. I also love the work your’re doing. You are so talented – you have the heart and the hands of an artist.

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