Garden Dreams Quilt Project

I completed the first square of my Grandma Hazel art quilt … only 8 more to do! In placement on the quilt, it’s the third square, so this is the third sentence in my journal entry. I think I worked on the pink and green square first because we’re having a warm spell, we can finally see grass, and I’m getting spring fever ALREADY!!


The strip down the middle is part of a hankie from grandma’s collection. The coneflower and stem are fused on black felt which I trimmed to show a little bit of the black. The flower is only attached around the brown part, so the pedals stick out. I zigzagged 3 times around the edges to bind it. I like the look of the loose threads so didn’t trim them. I’m pleased with how it turned out and it came together pretty quickly which gives me confidence I can get the quilt done in time for the quilt show!

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2 Responses to Garden Dreams Quilt Project

  1. Lana says:

    This is awesome! Are those pearls on the right side of the piece?

  2. cindylarsen says:

    Thanks Lana! No, those aren’t pearls … its fabric that has little bubbles on it. I would go insane sewing on that many pearls … lol!!

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