Garden Dreams Quilt Project #2

I finished another square today. It’s the first square in the quilt, located in the top left corner. It was not a fun process today … it was one of those frustrating sewing days for me. Everything I sewed on my machine had to be torn out, either due to operator error or forgetting to put down a layer before sewing on an element. Even the hand sewing was challenging … knotted and breaking thread … you name it! Adding to my frustration is the fact that I’m working in about an 8″ x 8″ area on my desk which is covered with containers of buttons, beads, embellishments, and spools of thread. I’ve got to clean it up before I start the next square.


Even my picture didn’t turn out! The square is much brighter than the picture shows.

I sent my registration form in for the quilt show in the art quilt category and to have it judged. I laughed about that all afternoon while I was having so many problems. I hope art quilts aren’t judged on how the back looks because mine are a mess! Maybe I should have titled the quilt, “It’s An Art Quilt, Don’t Look At The Back”!!

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