Garden Dreams Quilt Project #6

Three more squares to go! I’m feeling good about getting this done in time for the quilt show. Today’s square is #6 in placement on the quilt. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but I wove two shades of blue ribbon and sewed them to the background underneath the poppy.


I’ve got two more flower squares to make … daffodil and butterfly bush. The center square will have a picture of my grandma in her flower garden and I don’t know what else yet. I never know what I’m going to put on a square until I start working on it. It’s just like my favorite music … I improvise, get in the groove and jam … with, of course, Phish or the Grateful Dead playing on the stereo.

Is this the first day of spring? Sure wouldn’t know it here in northern Illinois. I had to get my winter coat, hat and mittens back out to walk Marley today. What a let down after 75 degrees on Tuesday. But, at least it’s not below zero and snowing anymore!!

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One Response to Garden Dreams Quilt Project #6

  1. Lana says:

    Awesome lady! That is so cool!!! You are good, girl. I’m so looking forward to seeing some of your work up close and personal.

    By the way, I baked the Happy Ending Plum Cake and the Red and White cookies from that murder mystery I told you about. The cookies are very good. I’ll let you know what the cake tastes like when my Fellowship group cracks it open tonight.
    Love you,

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