Garden Dreams Quilt Project DONE!

Now we can shoot off the fireworks … it’s done with 4 days to spare before the quilt show deadline!!

ghquiltfinishedThank you, Lana, for sewing on the binding and hanging sleeve when you were here!

Instead of machine quilting the black background quilt sandwich, I tied it with black and white thread through white buttons. My grandma tied her quilts. The finished size is 27″ x 27″.

I know you can’t read the journal entry about my grandma on the quilt, so here’s what it says:

When I was a kid and well into adult-hood, I thought I had nothing in common with my Grandma Hazel. She loved to garden, cook, make her own clothes and scrap quilts, paint, and take pictures. She collected things … salt & pepper shakers, costume jewelry, postcards, and hankies to name just a few. My brother and I always wanted to spend more time with our other grandparents – they were the “fun” ones – they took us fishing & camping. Grandma Hazel wanted me to cook and sew or work in her many gardens with her – “she’s no fun”, we declared. Look at me today – I don’t care to fish or camp – but give me fabric, beads, flower beds, garage sales, camera, pots & pans, and I’m as happy as can be! Now I wish Grandma was here so we could spend time together doing the things we both love to do. This quilt includes items from her collections, so we finally did get to create something together!

For anyone reading this who lives around Rockford, our quilt show is May 1st and 2nd. Go here for details.

Lana and I went to the International Quilt Show in Chicago last Friday and had a great time. As soon as the doors opened, we sprinted to the Quilting Arts’ Make It University booth to sign up for the first class of the day. We were so excited when both our names were drawn for the class (making a fabric book)! We made a mess with paints and glue, but had a blast and spent time back home adding to our books. Here we are at the quilt show.

lcI’m out of here … going outside with Marley to enjoy our first 80 degree day, work in my flower gardens, and clean the porch so we can have cocktails out there this evening!

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