Chan’s Art Quilt

A&F went to a wedding out of town this weekend and we had the boys here yesterday and today. After an all-day wrestling match between the two of them yesterday, we were determined to keep them apart for a little bit today!! We succeeded for about two hours with all of us spread out over the three floors of the house! Marley & Ned in the basement … Marley hiding from the thunderstorm and Ned watching the Cardinal/Cubs game. Nate on the first floor watching the NASCAR race. Chan and I in the studio on the second floor making a mini art quilt … designed by Chan. I was wearing a St. Louis Cardinals t-shirt, so he was inspired to make a cardinal. He worked the sewing machine foot pedal and made a game of me saying stop and go. It turned out cute and he was so proud of it even though he said the cloud turned out looking like a white football!!


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2 Responses to Chan’s Art Quilt

  1. Mom & Dad says:

    We love the picture of Chan and his Cardinal square. He did such a good job. He sure is a cutie!!

    Good luch at the Quilt Show.

    All our love, Mom & Dad

  2. cindylarsen says:

    Thanks Mom! He sure is a cutie and loves to do art projects!

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