My First Quilt is a Winner!

“What?, I’m shocked, unbelievable, wow, exciting.” Just some of my quotes when I found out my first ever quilt won a blue ribbon in the Art Quilt category at our quilt show this weekend. I worked set-up on Friday and was there when the quilts came out of the judging room and just could not believe there was a blue ribbon on mine. It’s Sunday night and I’m still excited about it! Here’s a picture of my quilt hanging at the show.

ghquiltribbonThe ribbons are attached to beautiful butterfly squares that were made by our guild members.

It was real interesting to be involved with setting up a show. A 10-hour day on Friday with intake of display quilts and hanging the descriptions on all quilts, plus helping a little bit with hanging. We had nearly 400 quilts. I helped tonight with taking down quilts and distributing them back to their owners, which went pretty quickly.

I’m going to spend some time now learning new techniques on mini quilts (mainly free motion quilting) before I think about another larger project. Before I do that I need to take a couple of weeks to catch up on all the other things in my life that got neglected the last 3 months while I finished this quilt!! I’m going to start now with sleep! Good night!

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