UFOs & Ballerinas

I swear I wasn’t smoking something when I came up with this idea! I was actually on night 3 of insomnia and thought if I listened to music I could fall asleep. So I put my earbuds in, turned the volume down real low, and listened to Siket Disc by Phish which is a great spacey instrumental CD to fall asleep to. But, when “What’s The Use” came on, I pictured UFO’s with bright colored flashing lights dancing in the sky and then ballerinas ascending into the sky to dance with them. Not just ordinary ballerinas mind you, but ballerinas in hoop skirts! Then I thought that would make a crazy art quilt and I was awake for hours thinking about it. The idea has been in my journal for a few months and it kept creeping into my thoughts, so I decided to make it.

ufoballerinasThe quilt is 12″x12″. I used the plastic from notebook divider tabs for the UFO “lights”. I got the stars from my mother-in-law’s sequin stash.

Sometimes you just have to make those silly things that pop into your head!! It was fun and didn’t take very long except for sewing on all the sequins!

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