Snow Dyeing

I’ve been wanting to try snow-resist dyeing since I read about it in the Oct/Nov 2009 issue of Quilting Arts magazine. When the snow started melting a few days ago, I thought I better get to it! The article said to use Procion MX dye which I don’t have, so I used Ritz dye which I have a lot of from tie dying with my niece. I laid a piece of muslin on the snow, covered it with snow, and poured orange dye over it. After that melted, I did it again using fushia dye.

It didn’t come out as bright as I thought it would, but it is brighter than the picture shows. I like it though, and will try more colors next winter. It was fun to do and I’m sure my neighbor thought I was nuts … she’s home on maternity leave and doesn’t normally see the weird fabric experiments I do outside!

I’m still working on the guild challenge piece that’s due in 17 days. I can finally focus on it this week now that the living room is done. The carpet was installed last Monday and I found curtains over the weekend. Just waiting for the couch to arrive which should be sometime within the next two weeks. Then a fun trip to IKEA and Crate & Barrel in Schaumburg to look for new accessories.

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