Playing With Art Supplies

I took time off from working on the guild challenge quilt this morning and allowed myself a couple of hours to play in my studio. Actually it started out as a project to clean off the table in preparation of assembling the challenge quilt. Buried under a pile of stuff I found a piece of fusible web that I had collaged fabric and paper to. I got out my paints, stamps, found objects, and stamp pad and started randomly stamping away. This is hard for me because my perfectionist self wants to take over and place the stamps in just the right place … the same shape and color not next to each other … well you get the picture. I had to consciously NOT do that and by the time I got to stamping the letters, I was free! In the spirit of my new-found freedom, I thought why not cut up the page and randomly reassemble it. Here’s a picture of the original layout after I cut it.

You’ll notice the pieces are all uniformally cut … can’t go all the way random in the same day! The next picture shows the pieces put back together in another order, which again my perfectionism kicked in and it took me several configurations to come up with this. Looking at the picture, I think I should turn some of the pieces upside down for more interest. It’ll be left this way for today because FedEx just delivered my new living room curtains and I want to iron and get them hung this afternoon.

If I get time later today I’ll zigzag stitch the pieces together and after that, who knows. It’ll probably end up at the bottom of a pile to be rediscovered on another day. Which is really okay because I’ll look at it with fresh eyes and an idea will strike me.

It’s been a beautiful week here in northern Illinois with temps in the low 60’s and lots of sunshine, but Mother Nature is bringing 2-4 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. Oh well, good day to clean the house.

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