Challenge Quilt Done

In my usual modus operandi, I have just now completed the challenge quilt that is due at the guild meeting this afternoon!

Actually all I had to this morning was print the label and fuse it on. There began the problems. My printer ate the fabric. My trusty 10 year old printer NEVER eats fabric, unlike my new fancy all-in-one printer. Okay no problem, I’ll write the label info on card stock and fuse that to the back. Oh no … the circles I fused on last night didn’t stick. What’s going on? Is there a full moon? I’m in full on panic mode now because I have to hand tack the circles on. Of course since I’m stressing out about this, my thread keeps tangling and knotting. Grrrrrr. When will I learn to not procrastinate????

This is a guild challenge … Things You See Out an Airplane Window. All had to be the same size, 14″x20″, and a window frame will be attached to each one to look uniform. They’ll be displayed at the Rockford airport on April 8th. This is a copy of actual crop circles discovered in Northwood, ND in August 2005. I had mentioned to my mother-in-law that I was going to do crop circles. A few days later she gave me a copy of the Northwood weekly newspaper that contained a front page picture and article about the circles. Two things strike me as funny about this … she hasn’t lived in Northwood for over 60 years and still gets the weekly paper AND she keeps them! I’m taking her to the display next week and I know she’ll be thrilled to see I created the Northwood crop circles! Each circle is hand embroidered which I enjoyed doing.

Now that this project is done, I’m planning to make ATCs to trade at the Cloth, Paper, Scissors booth in Chicago on the 16th. Yikes, that’s only 15 days from now. Want to place your bets now?!

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