Guild Recycle Challenge Quilt Square

Our guild is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year and I suggested we do a recycle challenge. I presented the challenge to the guild last week and made up these two 6″ squares to show as examples.

For this one I took pictures and text from an old quilting brochure and fused them on felt,  painted it, stamped 30’s, and quilted with a zigzag stitch. I used bread ties and old buttons for the flowers and old keys for the stems, hand embroidered around the flowers, and zigzagged around the edges. I think it turned out cute.

I made a quilt sandwich and quilted it in a simple grid pattern. I sliced up a couple of wine corks and glued them on. The wine glasses are  made from the foil that is around the neck of the wine bottles and also glued on. Most of our ladies make beautiful pieced quilts and I hope they have fun stepping outside the box. I can’t wait to see the results!

My Mom has told me many times that my Grammie loved Bleeding Hearts and my Mom just planted one this spring. So, in my continuing series of “Banking on Spring”, I made a Bleeding Heart ATC for her for Mother’s Day. When I finished it, I realized there’s no fabric on this one! I made a heart stamp from sticky back craft foam and beaded around the hearts. My Mom loved it!

My studio/office is now past my “level of crustness”. I haven’t cleaned up after the last couple of projects and the bed has become a dumping ground of stuff that needs to be dealt with or put away somewhere else in the house. The rest of my house is neat and orderly … I guess I have to have one room that’s not! You would think I’d keep this room cleaned up because between working and art, most of my time is spent in here. I’m starting the decluttering and organizing today during breaks from working. You may wonder why I would post pictures of this mess … to keep me motivated to finish and post the “after” pictures! I’m sure these pictures aren’t too shocking for my fellow fiber artists!

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One Response to Guild Recycle Challenge Quilt Square

  1. Cas says:

    I came across your blog after seeing your ATC on Melanie Testa’s blog. I loved the art trading card! Your studio looks really good to me! You have a lovely blog, I will be back to visit a gain. Have a great week!

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