Guild Challenge Squares and Burning Dog Food

I’ve posted pictures of our guild’s 30th Anniversary Recycled 6″ Square Challenge HERE. The challenge was outside many of our members’ comfort zone, but they did a great job and had fun with it.

Now on to the burning dog food! In the latest issue of Quilting Arts there’s an article entitled, “Metal as a Surface Embellishment”, showing how to patina copper foil. I have a roll of copper foil (actually it’s thicker than foil but can still be sewn through), so I got out my creme brulee torch and tried it. The article said to lay cat food on top of the foil before heating it with the torch and it reacts like pottery does when it’s raku fired. I used dog food instead and boy does that smell bad when burned! Marley even wanted to go inside and get away from it!!

Here’s the piece of copper with the burned dog food.

Here’s how it turned out … pretty cool.

Here are the rest of the pieces I did. I’ve got some ideas on how I’m going to use them in an art quilt.

I also had fun outside on Friday morning experimenting with pounding flower petals on fabric and using a bleach pen to discharge fabric. Torching copper, hammering fabric and drawing with a bleach pen in the driveway … yes, I’m sure my neighbors think I’m nuts!

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