Quilt Show 2011 Project #1

Our guild’s quilt show is in May and after procrastinating for the last few months, I finally started my quilt for the show today. I’ve had the idea for some time and have done a few prototypes which was a good thing since it took me a few tries to get the best system for making the flower petals.

Each petal has wire in the edges and the stamen is made from wire and pearls. I’m going to add some free motion quilting and need to figure out the best way to firmly attach them to together. The flower is about 6″.  I’ll be making several flowers in different colors. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what I do with them … don’t want to give it all away in the first posting!

It feels good to be creating again and I actually had a pretty good day with my sewing machine. I finally figured out it was the thread that was causing all the problems and frustration. It seems like my machine only wants to play nicely with Sulky 100% rayon thread.

I whipped up this mini wall hanging (5 1/2″ square) in an afternoon for my Mom for Christmas to hang in their RV. We both love cardinals.

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One Response to Quilt Show 2011 Project #1

  1. These are awesome! We talk about what you are doing all the time, but seeing them – oh my gosh girl. You are so talented!!!!

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