Quilt Show Project Update #2

I’ve got four flowers done for the project. I want to add a yellow one, but am still searching for the right fabric. I’m snow dying a yellow piece now and hope that it turns out for this project.

Showing the flowers in a vase gives you a clue of what I’m envisioning for the finished project.

The colors are much darker and vibrant than the picture shows. I’ve started working on the background which is black squares with Sashiko stitching using black pearl cotton instead of the traditional white stitching. Of course there will be lots of beading, too.

I helped my nephew, Nathan (4th grade), with a school project yesterday. He’s doing a report on the south pole explorer Ernest Shackleton. They have to create a likeness of the explorer on poster board and give their report wearing it. It had to be made entirely out of at least five items found around the house and the poster board could not be painted or drawn on … perfect project for me! So we dug through my stash of stuff and came up with the following.

We used a piece of black fabric for his shirt, painted bubble wrap for the parka, an old zipper for the parka, coffee dyed fiber-fill for the fur on the hood, and caution tape for the straps of his backpack. It was a lot of fun and I hope I get a good grade on it!!!!

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