Me, a Traditional Quilter?

Starting my quilting life as an art quilter, I had no clue how to piece a quilt nor did I have any desire to do so. However, last fall a good friend of mine bought a sewing machine and got interested in quilting. She talked me into taking a 6 week beginning quilting class with her. Here’s the wall hanging I did in the class. I struggled with the project and said I’d never make another pieced quilt.

My friend is very much a traditional quilter and is buying lots of patterns and churning out quilts like crazy. I started going to quilt shops with her and falling in love with the fabric and oohing and aahing over the sample quilts hanging on the walls. I thought I should probably try to make a pieced quilt on my own so I wouldn’t forget the skills I learned in class. So I found a pattern in Modern Patchwork magazine called Nine Patch Rearranged and got out my stash of black and white fabrics. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the process! Here’s a picture of the finished top. I’m in the process of machine quilting it now which is another challenge for me.

Then I saw on someone’s blog a link to a video called Jelly Roll Race. Well that looked easy and fun and it was!

I still have to buy backing fabric and batting for this one. I’m ready to go shopping for more jelly rolls!

I’m not giving up my art quilting … just taking a break from it. I’ve got lots of house projects to do this summer and not much time to create so having a pieced quilt to work on for a few minutes here and there is perfect.

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