New Fabric

It’s 101 degree heat index and I can’t seem to get motivated to do much today. These are the days we wish we had central air instead of the window AC’s. They do a good job, but there are rooms that don’t cool off enough to spend much time in, like my office/studio. Fortunately I have a laptop and wireless and can work in the living room, but hard to move my studio downstairs!

So, I’m spending the afternoon looking at my new fabric purchases and trying to figure out what I’m going to make with them. I’ve got a pile of magazines and books on the couch next to me and am searching online and finding new blogs to read and tutorial videos to watch. A fun way to spend a scorching afternoon!

I bought this Summersville fat eighths bundle a couple of months ago at one of my favorite quilt shops, Material Girl, in Crystal Lake. I love the text and graphics.

I’ve fondled this Marcia Derse Line 5 fat quarter bundle many times over the last few months, but had a hard time parting with the money! Then a couple of Saturday’s ago my other favorite shop, Acorn Quilts, in Rockford had a 30% off sale and I raced over to purchase it!

There has been a quilt hanging in the window at Acorn Quilts the last few months that I just love and want to drape over the brown leather chair in our library. (Tangent … the library is actually our dining room which is only used for dining two times a year, so we pushed the table against the wall, put in a couple of bookshelves and two brown leather chairs. It’s painted a black cherry color and is very cozy.) When I went to the Acorn Quilts sale, they had a kit made up for it so I bought it!

I wouldn’t normally be attracted to this fabric if I saw it on the bolt, but made up as a quilt it spoke to me … the colors and it had been washed so it was nice and scrunchy and comfy looking. The perfect thing to curl up under and read a book … not today, though!!

I think I’ll have to move at least my cutting mat and sewing machine to a cool room tomorrow. We’re not much into celebrating the 4th. Poor Marley (who’s birthday is July 4th)  is terrified of the firecrackers and fireworks. We have to sedate her because the country club has a fireworks display and we’re just a block away. We’ve actually had pictures fall off the walls from the big boomers.

I’d love to make a pictorial quilt of Marley, but she refuses to look at me when I have a camera in my hand. She even looks away when I take a picture with my phone!

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