Decisions, decisions

What a gorgeous day … mid 70’s and a delightful breeze coming through the window of my studio. It’s so awesome to have the windows open after the weeks of extreme heat and drought. I decided not to spend my day off dealing with the kitchen remodel. I’m so stressed with all of the decisions I need to make. I spent the day sewing and spending time outside with Marley.

I finished making the half square triangles I talked about in my last post, and then spent a couple of hours trying different patterns. I have 84 squares (4 1/2″) which makes a nice topper for my kitchen table. I played around with just a few rows, took pictures, and narrowed it down to three patterns.


Don’t know the official pattern name of this one:


I like the pinwheels but it scares me a little bit. With it being my first triangle project, I’m sure a lot of the points aren’t going to be perfect and I’ll get frustrated. But, all of these patterns have points and I’m not entering the piece into a show!

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2 Responses to Decisions, decisions

  1. Go the pin wheels and baste the points in big stitches before you see the whole seam 😉

  2. I think eventually you’ll just have to make one of each layout. For the fabrics you’ve chosen this time I think the chevron looks fantastic,

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