Who Said I Was Ready For Triangles?

Everything was going well early this afternoon. I decided on the chevron pattern and got the rows laid out on the dining room table. Then, I started to sew and it went down hill from there. Points are hard. I broke my seam ripper and had to rip out stitches with my small scissors which my thumb gets stuck in. I’m sure every beginner goes through these frustrations, but I just have to whine about it for a little bit!

I finally got two rows sewn. Some points are perfect. Others aren’t, no matter how many times I ripped out and resewed. I decided two rows was my limit in one sitting. Eight more rows to go. If I think I’m frustrated now, wait until I start sewing the rows together!

Then I hung the rows on my design wall and they all looked off until I realized it’s an optical illusion because sometimes there’s a white part of the patterned fabric right at the peak. I’m somewhat relieved that I don’t have to be so perfect; and if I’m a tad off, it’s not going to be noticeable (or the end of the world)!

So the lesson for today … never make a chevron quilt entirely out of solids!!

This morning I signed up for a free-motion quilting class. It’s not until the end of October, and I’m excited to learn that skill.

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