I Couldn’t Resist!

Last Friday I went into IKEA and on my way home I took a slight detour to Material Girl in Crystal Lake. I wasn’t looking for anything specific, just wanted to browse and see if there was anything new. There was and I ended up with 17 fat quarters!

australian_fabricThese fabrics are from Australia. I did some research on them when I got home. They are manufactured by M&S Textiles and are Aboriginal designs. There are a lot more designs on the website than were in the store. They are quite stunning.

ostrich_fabricThen I saw this Ostrich fabric … how cute is that? I’m not a pink person but thought I could maybe make a Valentine’s Day table runner, so I picked up a few grays and a hot pink I might use with it.


Here are three more random FQs for my stash. I love the colors in the paisley print.

One of the items on my 2013 goals list is to use up the fabric I have before buying more, unless it’s for backing and binding. Eighteen days into the new year and that went out the window!!


I cut out and pieced another top this week using this fabric. I’m not usually drawn to oriental prints, but when I saw this quilt at Acorn Quilts I knew it would be perfect draped over the brown leather chair in my library.

I need to clean the house today, but had been stalling this morning … reading blogs, surfing for fabric and quilts, writing my blog, etc. In the middle of writing this, I lost my internet connection and the Comcast recording said both internet and TV were out and may not be back until around 3:00. Okay, I get it … put the stereo on and go clean the house!

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One Response to I Couldn’t Resist!

  1. carolg1849 says:

    I just know that feeling, I am new to quilting but it has quickly taken over my spare time…………. Fabrics are coming out my ears, but still dont have enough ! will I ever ?

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