My Library Quilt

I bought this kit from Acorn Quilts last summer. They had it made up and hanging in the shop and I just loved the colors. It goes perfectly in my library (dining room). We only use our dining room twice a year when I host Thanksgiving and Easter, so we rearranged the furniture, added a book shelf and two brown leather chairs. The walls are painted a dark black cherry color and it’s a very comfortable and cozy room.

happychild1I quilted it about two inches apart using the walking foot and wavy stitch. I’m glad I tried something other than straight lines and will use this stitch again. I used Warm and Natural batting for the first time and love it. I just took it out of the dryer and it’s nice and crinkly just the way I like my quilts! The pattern is Happy Child.

Love the fabric on the back.

happychild_backI want to get two quilts made for the quilt show in May so they are next in line. I’m also moving forward with my total kitchen remodel and hope to start that in March. I’ve finally made a decision on the cabinets so I can now shop for the counter top and flooring. Work is kind of stressful with learning advanced Excel formulas for an upcoming project. I find that I’m either dreaming about quilts, kitchens or formulas … sometimes all three mixed up together! I even woke up the other night thinking about making a modern quilt inspired by an Excel chart … interesting idea!

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2 Responses to My Library Quilt

  1. Lana says:

    Cindy: That quilt is absolutely beautiful! Your progress is truly amazing. I would love to have that in king size! Ha! Taking orders? Love you, Lana

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