I Made a Tote Bag!

I have wanted to make a tote bag for a long time, but just don’t understand the written directions. So when one of our guild members offered to teach a quilted tote bag workshop last Saturday, I signed up immediately!


totebag2I used Sweetwater’s Mama Said Sew charm pack for the outside and Sweetwater’s Reunion Johnnys Jacks for the lining and handles. The inside as six deep pockets. I love it!

Last week I started on the modern quilt I’m making for our quilt show. Also took another trip into IKEA on Friday to make my final decision on kitchen cabinets and get a sample piece of cabinet. I planned to go around town today to look at counter tops, but I’ve had a weird bout of vertigo since Monday that has kept me down, feeling nauseous, and missing two days of work. My guess is a migraine minus the headache or an inner ear thing. I’ve had it before, but it usually only lasts a day or two. I’m on day three and sick of laying on the couch watching TV, so am trying to push through it and at least get a few little things done around the house today. I have gotten some kitchen ideas from watching two solid days of HGTV and DIY!

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2 Responses to I Made a Tote Bag!

  1. adaisygarden says:

    So pretty!! Love the colors.

  2. Lana says:

    I love it! You are welcome to make one of those for me some day – when you are truly bored of course! I love it! You are so talented!! Love you, Lana

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