Cutting Favorite Fabric

I splurged on a fat quarter bundle of Kaffe Fassett at Quilt Expo in Madison last September and have been afraid to cut it! I’ve spent months looking for just the right pattern to showcase this beautiful fabric. I chose one this morning that uses 18 fat quarters … I’ve selected 17 Fassett fabrics and am adding Kona Snow for the 18th. I just ironed it and am still nervous to cut it, but I’m done procrastinating and want to get this pieced and my entry form turned in for the quilt show (which is due next Thursday).


I went to IKEA two weeks ago and finally bought the extender legs for my table. I’ve been wanting them forever, but always had better things to spend $60 on … like fabric! I decided to use my birthday money and am now kicking myself I didn’t do this a long time ago. Besides the design wall I made from foam core and flannel, this is the best thing in my studio! I can iron and cut without bending over and if I want to sit and work on something, I bring a bar stool up from the basement. Now that I can see everything under the table, I need to reorganize that area with some nice storage boxes or baskets. Everything in the credenza is jewelry making supplies which I can probably put away in the closet. The rolling carts hold a lot of my mixed media supplies. I love spending a day cleaning and reorganizing my studio, but it’ll have to wait for now.


Yesterday I finished the top for the quilt I’m displaying at our quilt show in May. Picture taken, registration form filled out, and in the mail this morning … 6 days ahead of the due date! I have until the end of April to get it quilted and bound. I’ll wait until it’s done to post a picture here.

My vertigo caused by an inner ear issue kept me down all of last week. Didn’t feel better until Sunday afternoon. Still have a few “spells” of vertigo when I bend over or turn my head too fast, but at least I feel like I’m almost at 100% this week. I tried to sew last Friday and ended up tearing everything out because my seams were more crooked than usual!!

Okay, I’m going to stop procrastinating and cut the Fassett fabric! What’s the worst that can happen … I don’t like the quilt and I have to buy more!!

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One Response to Cutting Favorite Fabric

  1. Can’t wait to see the pattern you plan to put all this beautiful Fassett fabric into. Love the turquoise and green!

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