Dense Quilting

Yesterday I started quilting my quilt for the show. There are nine different solids and the Kona Snow. I initially planned (and bought the thread) to quilt white in the white areas and a matching thread in all nine colored sections. That’s a lot of starting, stopped, and changing thread in my limited time period. I decided to see what it would look like if I used a very light gray for the whole thing and sew dense vertical lines.

cross3I like it! This is the first time I’ve used all solids and have decided that’s really not my cup of tea. I like the visual interest of prints paired with a neutral, so I think using the same thread color on the whole things breaks up the solids and gives them some texture. This is going to take a while to quilt … good thing it’s only 46″ x 46″!!

Yesterday I ordered the cabinets and counter and paid half down … no turning back now! I can’t believe that after three years of saving money and hashing out a plan, I’m finally going to have a nice kitchen. We’ve lived here 20 years and the kitchen was classic 70’s when we moved in … horrid wallpaper and vinyl peel and stick floor tiles. About 10 years ago I stripped the wallpaper, painted the cabinets white, tore up the floor and installed laminate. It was supposed to be a temporary cosmetic fix, but other critical house repairs (like a new roof) kept taking priority.


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