First Star Block

I wanted to take an hour to sew this afternoon but didn’t want to go back to piecing the Fassett project or making a decision on the binding fabric for my quilt show quilt (which I finished quilting on Sunday). I purchased The Summer Sampler Series pattern a few weeks ago. It includes 12 different star blocks and thought I could make the first one pretty quickly. This Star of Virginia is the first star block I’ve ever made!

starofvirginiaI was nervous about venturing away from squares and rectangles and didn’t want to spend a lot of time choosing fabrics, so I pulled out some scraps to make it. I think I want to make the whole project scrappy, but don’t know if this block will make the cut. I like the orange and green, but am worried the brown won’t go with my other choices. We’ll see how it plays out.

This series is really going to challenge me. It looks like each block gets more difficult and a lot of them are paper pieced which I haven’t done yet.

The sun is out, the thermometer has finally inched above 40 degrees, and the snow is melting!

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