Kitchen Demo

My contractor, Paul (who is also my next door neighbor) and I demolished the kitchen on Friday. It went well and I had fun tearing everything out!

Here are some before pictures.

kitchenbefore1 kitchenbefore2 kitchenbefore3

Gee, the kitchen looks kinda cute in these pictures! They don’t show that the oven has been broken for two years because they don’t make the part for it anymore, I can barely get the drawers open and closed, and the countertops are ugly laminate. The cabinets pretty much fell apart as we took them out.

Here it is after demo.


This is the entire kitchen broken down and piled by the garage. It’ll be picked up tomorrow.

kitchendemo2The electrical work and other repairs will be done this week, I’ll be painting next weekend, and the cabinets and floor will be installed the following week. Then we wait for the countertops.

We moved the fridge into the dining room and I’ve got a temporary kitchen with microwave, toaster oven, hot plate, and crockpot set up in there. We’re washing dishes in the laundry sink in the basement. Since I haven’t had an oven for two years, I use the gas grill most nights and make a salad or steam veggies. So, I anticipate cooking most nights as usual for the next 4-6 weeks.

On the quilt front, our guild’s show is May 4-5. I finished sewing the binding on my quilt this afternoon and still need to sew on a hanging sleeve. I’ll get a picture posted soon.

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