New Kitchen

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. The last 7 weeks have been stressful even though I think I did pretty well without a kitchen. We had to wait 5 weeks for the counter tops, but were able to hook up our old sink and I had lovely plywood counters! I became quite adept at cooking with a hotplate, microwave, toaster oven, and gas grill. We only went to a restaurant once (on our anniversary), but did get take-out twice a week. The counters and appliances were installed late last week and we’re back to eating healthy.

The trim work still needs to be done when my contractor gets back from vacation and then I’ll paint that. I decided to wait on picking out the backsplash tile until everything was in. My brain is about done with making decisions and I spent 1 1/2 hours in the tile store the other day, pretty much in a daze! My brother who lives in Iowa and does tile installation as an extra job is coming through town Friday, and I’ve asked him to help me pick out the tile.

You can see the before pictures in this post.

Here are the after pictures so far.



kitchenafter4I’ll be replacing the ceiling fan and the light fixture above the table later because I’ve gone over budget (surprise, surprise). 

I’m enjoying all the extra counter space and storage, and I love my quartz counters and undermount sink!

On the quilting front, I did get some more piecing done on the Kaffe Fassett lap quilt. Now that I’m settling back into my normal routine, I can start sewing again.

We had to have a health screening at my husband’s work today for the new insurance plan and my blood pressure is a little high (and I didn’t like what the scale said) … well, no wonder! I’m hoping with most of the kitchen done and time to get back to sewing it’ll come back down to normal.


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