Tula Pink’s City Sampler Book

I ordered Tula Pink’s “City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks” book a few days ago and was hoping it would arrive during the 4-day weekend. It came today and I promptly went into my studio, starting digging through my stash, dumped the scrap bin on the bed, and made two blocks.


The blocks are categorized by Crosses, Rectangles, Triangles, Stripes, Squares, and Haiku. In the back of the book, there are patterns for several quilts, some containing all 100 blocks and some with fewer blocks. The blocks are 6 1/2″ unfinished.

My plan is to make every block in the book and then decide how to put them together. I started with Block 1 (the top one in the picture), then turned the page to Block 2 and got stuck. The block isn’t difficult, but it calls for five different fabrics and I got hung up coordinating the fabrics. I skipped ahead to Block 6 which is the bottom block in the picture.

I’ve been wanting to start another pieced quilt, but couldn’t decide what pattern to make or if I wanted to try my first improvisational piecing project. 

When I saw this book on-line, I thought it was just the thing I needed. No deciding on a pattern … just open the book and make a block. It will help me improve my piecing skills, and I won’t get bored making tons of the same block over and over again. I do see myself getting bored with this if I make them in order, so going forward I’ll be randomly opening the book!

We’re enjoying a low-key 4-day weekend … doing some small house/yard projects, reading, listening to music, and enjoying time to spend on our hobbies. We had a quiet 4th yesterday … we were quiet, our neighborhood was not. We live a block from the country club and across the street from a park. Our neighborhood association puts on a picnic and kid’s activities at the park and the country club has fireworks. The 4th is not our favorite holiday. We spend the day dealing with a very frightened dog. Last night we started a Monopoly game which is still on the living room floor. We’ll play some more tonight while watching the Phish show broadcast live from Saratoga Springs, NY. There will be some dancing going on, too!!

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