Fabric Organization

A few months ago I finally came up with the best layout for my sewing studio, but my fabric storage has always been a problem. I’ve used all sizes of bins, organized by color, or everything in one large bin. It’s always a mess.

Last week while on vacation, I was surfing Pinterest and found the perfect solution! Wrapping fabric on comic book storage boards and storing them upright on shelving.


I couldn’t wait to get started and was at the local comic book store as they opened the doors on Monday morning! A package of 100 boards cost $10.00.

fabricstorage4I love how it looks like mini bolts of fabric in the store! I also love opening the cabinet and seeing all my fabric together. It really helps to see that I don’t need to buy any more black and white (which, of course, won’t happen!), and I can see the colors I’m lacking. I also think I need a lot more fabric! I better bring two tote bags to Quilt Expo in Madison next week!

I used the 7″ x 10 1/2″ size boards, cut them in half for the fat quarters, and used them whole for anything over 1/2 yard. The top shelf holds all of my commercial fat quarters and a bin of Marcia Derse fat quarters. The bottom shelf has commercial yardage and hand dyed fat quarters.

We had a relaxing week in the northwoods of Wisconsin last week. Gorgeous weather the entire time and we were either in or on the lake every day.


Marley and I went out every morning for a paddleboat ride. It took a couple of days for her to get her sea legs, but she finally settled down and found her spot!

I spent an hour or so sitting on the dock one day making a list of everything I want to accomplish the rest of the year … quilting, house projects, personal stuff, etc. Labor Day weekend always feels like the “new year” to me. I get into this goal setting and re-organization mode just like I do at the start of the year. Maybe it’s my realization that there’s still lots of to-do items on the list I made at the first of the year and now I’ve only got 4 months to get them done or carry them over to next year’s list.

So on that note, I better get off the computer and get busy today! (But, blogging more is on the list!)

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